Don Johnson Buckeye State Eliminator

Eliminator Round of 12
2 Games - Left Lane Scorpion, Right Lane Viper
Bowler with the lowest total pin count in each group will be cut.

Mike  Scroggins  Storm Pro Staff logo
Michael Fagan  Storm Pro Staff logo
Wes Malott  Roto Grip Pro Staff logo
12 Total
Mike Scroggins 277241 518
Michael Fagan 190237 427
Wes Malott 181211 392
Tommy Jones  Ebonite Pro Staff logo
Chris  Barnes  900 Global Pro Staff logo3G Shoes Pro Staff logo
Bill O'Neill  Hammer Pro Staff logo
12 Total
Tommy Jones 199264 463
Chris Barnes 186257 443
Bill O'Neill 225199 424
Mika Koivuniemi  Track Pro Staff logo
Parker Bohn III Brunswick Pro Staff logo
Danny  Wiseman  
12 Total
Mika Koivuniemi 246222 468
Parker Bohn III 256183 439
Danny Wiseman 224203 427
Joe Bailey  
Rhino Page  Storm Pro Staff logo
Edward VanDaniker Jr Roto Grip Pro Staff logo
12 Total
Joe Bailey 232220 452
Rhino Page 135258 393
Edward VanDaniker Jr 214166 380