PBA Dick Weber Playoffs, Presented by Hammer

Regional Championship
After 3 games, the winner of each regional championship advances to the Conference Championship Finals.
Western Conference: West/Northwest -vs- Southwest
Central Conference: Midwest -vs- Central
Eastern Conference: East -vs- South
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Parker Bohn III Brunswick Pro Staff logo
Brian Kretzer  Roto Grip Pro Staff logoStorm Pro Staff logo
123 Total
Parker Bohn III 234191217 642
Brian Kretzer 214203213 630


Sean Rash  Brunswick Pro Staff logo
Jack  Jurek  3G Shoes Pro Staff logo900 Global Pro Staff logo
123 Total
Sean Rash 248203246 697
Jack Jurek 225221244 690


Martin Larsen  Storm Pro Staff logo
Bill O'Neill  Hammer Pro Staff logo
123 Total
Martin Larsen 264245239 748
Bill O'Neill 246219204 669


Wes Malott  Roto Grip Pro Staff logo
Brian  Himmler  Storm Pro Staff logo
123 Total
Wes Malott 210268146 624
Brian Himmler 224159192 575


Bryon  Smith  
Chris  Barnes  900 Global Pro Staff logo3G Shoes Pro Staff logo
123 Total
Bryon Smith 269224257 750
Chris Barnes 224266204 694


Norm  Duke  Storm Pro Staff logo
Michael  Haugen Jr 
123 Total
Norm Duke 299223270 792
Michael Haugen Jr 185207224 616