Tom Clark (November 2011-present)

Tom Clark became the PBA’s Vice President and COO on March, 28, 2008, after serving as the Vice President of Marketing and Communications for the United States Bowling Congress. Clark, who was promoted to Deputy Commissioner in 2009, then PBA Commissioner in 2011.

Fred Schreyer (March 2003-November 2011)

Fred Schreyer came to the PBA after serving as a consultant to many of the leading companies in the sports business as founding partner and owner of Pyramid Sports. Schreyer first served as Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel for the PBA, before being named the PBA Commissioner in March 2003. Notable achievements during Schreyer’s current tenure include the signing of Denny’s as the PBA Tour’s first-ever title sponsor and an increase in membership to an all-time high of 4,300.

Ian Hamilton (Sept. 2000-March 2003)

During Ian Hamilton’s tenure as the PBA Commissioner, an exclusive three-year deal was struck with ESPN, the duration and time of the Tour was defined (September through March), the Tour’s prize fund saw an increase of 140% and a format change was made to create more exciting competition.

Mark Gerberich (1995-Sept. 2000)

As the Commissioner who led the PBA through its purchase by Chris Peters, Rob Glaser and Mike Slade, Mark Gerberich played a key role in creating financial stability for the Tour. Gerberich’s career with the PBA began in 1983 and saw him rise through the ranks of the PBA before achieving Commissioner status in 1995.

Mike Connor (1992-1995)

In 1992, Mike Connor became just the second Commissioner in PBA history, replacing Joe Antenora. Connor’s first year saw Bud Light become the official beer of the PBA and sponsor of the PBA National Championship and the Touring Players Championship. Firestone also increased its sponsorship to $300,000.

Joe Antenora (1978-1991)

Joe Antenora became Executive Director of the PBA in 1972 and was later named the PBA Commissioner in 1978. Antenora, who was inducted into the PBA Hall of Fame in 1993, was instrumental in securing higher prize funds, increasing the number of tournaments, firmly establishing PBA schools, the Regional and Senior Tours, and obtaining TV coverage for practically every National event.

Eddie Elias (1958-1978)

Eddie Elias founded the PBA in 1958 and went on to serve as the organization’s president for 20 years. An attorney from Akron, Ohio, Elias rounded up 33 Founding Members and established the sport’s most prominent organization.

**Prior to 1978 the position of Commissioner did not exist. PBA founder and long-time President Eddie Elias created the position in 1978.