THE BOWLING GUY: Big Names Need Big Days at Senior Open

by jthomas  |  Wednesday, June 06, 7:17 AM

The Etonic PBA Senior U.S. Open is now in its third and final day of qualifying before the majority of the field is sidelined, and several big-name players find themselves with quite a bit of work to do in order to stay alive in the tournament.


A veritable murderer's row of stars that includes Walter Ray Williams, Jr., Lennie Boresch, Jr., Kenny Parks, Mark Williams, Don Moser and reigning Senior Open champion and PBA Senior Tour Player of the Year Ron Mohr are outside of the top 24 and, in two surprising cases, behind the cashers cut line (top 55) with just six more games of qualifying remaining.




Mohr, who received his crystal PoY trophy in a pre-squad ceremony on Tuesday, is definitely the biggest surprise, struggling in round two to drop all the way to 105th position entering the final qualifying round. He needs to make up 116 pins on the cut line in order to stay alive, and he'll be bowling on the A squad, which is the second of three shifts that will be competing Wednesday.


Mark Williams, who won this tournament in 2010 (defeating Ron Mohr), is also outside the top 55 with a day to go, sitting in 75th place, and needing to make up 34 pins on the cut line. Williams is on the first squad out on Wednesday, which means he'll have to post his number "on the fresh."


With Joe Salvemini and Sammy Ventura tied for the lead, a number of marquee players are still in the mix, including Charlie Tapp (4th), Tom Baker (5th), Wayne Webb (6th), Brian Voss (13th), Hugh Miller (14th), Amleto Monacelli (15th), Eric Forkel (17th) and Mike Edwards - who making his PBA Senior Tour debut - in 24th.


The scoring pace slowed considerably on day 2, with the B squad players generally starting off playing deeper on the lanes (closer to the second arrow) than the A squad had (closer to first arrow) on day 1. In spite of that, there still seemed to be plenty of opportunities to score, as Rick Francis showed by shooting a big +277 block to jump from 79th all the way up to 11th. We'll have to watch closely to see where the C squad starts off in the morning, as the further right they play, the more likelihood there will be - since there are no re-oils between squads - for higher scores as the day goes on.


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