AMF Pro Classic

Garden City Bawl, Garden City, N.Y., Feb 17-21, 1976

Weber A Classic Pro

Describing the victory as "one of my greatest ever," Dick Weber captured first place in the $100,000 AMF Pro Classic.

In a classic struggle between two of pro bowling's giants, Weber edged Earl Anthony, Tacoma, Wash., 216-210, for the $14,000 winner's prize.

The win was important to Weber for a number of reasons. Previously tied with Don Johnson for the lead in total PBA victories at 24, Weber went ahead of Johnson. The $14,000 payoff enabled Weber to become the first pro bowler to surpass career winnings of $500,000 as he scored his first tour victory since 1973.


Pos.Name, City/StateTotalAmount
1Dick Weber, St. Louis, Mo.432 (2 games)$14,000
2Earl Anthony, Tacoma, Wash.210 (1 game)8,000
3Glenn Pierce, Jacksonville, Fla.369 (2 games)6,000
4Fred Conner, Mar Vista, Cal.393 (2 games)5,000
5Ed DiTolla, Maywood, N.J.217 (1 game)4,000

PLAYOFF RESULTS-Conner defeated DiTolla, 218-217; Pierce defeated Conner, 198-175;Weber defeated Pierce, 216-171, and in the championship game, Weber defeated Anthony, 216-210.


 Name, City/StatePins  WLT+TotAmt
1Earl Anthony, Tacoma, Wash. 8989 17-7-0 510 9499 
2Dick Weber, St. Louis, Mo. 9009 16-8-0 480 9489 
#3Glenn Pierce, Jacksonville, Fla. 9008 15-9-0 450 9458 
4Ed DiTolla, Maywood, N.J. 8912 14-9-1 435 9347 
5Fred Conner, Mar Vista, Cal. 8897 14-10-0 420 9317 
*6Steve Neff, Sarasota, Fla. 8791 14-8-2 450 9241 $3,050
7Carmen Salvino, Chicago, Ill. 8869 i1-13-0 330 9199 2,500
8Les Schissler, Denver, Colo. 8769 14-10-0 420 9189 2,300
9Mark Roth, Staten Island, N.Y. 8835 11-12-1 345 9180 2,100
10Sam Flanagan, Parkersburg, W. Va. 8700 12-12-0 360 9150 2,000
11Ernie Schlegel, U.S.A. 8676 14-8-2 450 9126 1,900
12Wayne Zahn, Tempe, Ariz. 8724 12-11-1 375 9099 1,800
13Jim Maxey, Atlanta, Ga. 8759 10-13-1 315 9074 1,700
14Paul Colwell, Tucson, Ariz. 8591 13-11-0 390 8981 1,600
15Dennis Swayda, Phoenix, Ariz. 8675 10-14-0 300 8975 1,500
16John Denton, Midland, Texas 8639 11-13-0 330 8969 1,400
17Doc Iandoli, Whitestone, N.Y. 8513 13-11-0 390 8903 1,350
18Bobby Crull, Tipton, Ind. 8521 9-15-0 270 8791 1,300
&19Craig Mueller, Union, N.J.
(includes 436-pin penalty)
 8823 13-11-0 390 8777 1087.50
20Don Helling, St. Charles, Mo. 8493 9-15-0 270 8763 1,200
21George Pappas, Charlotte, N.C. 8523 7-17-0 210 8733 1,150
22Teata Semiz, River Edge, N.J. 8432 9-15-0 270 8702 1,100
23Hank Behrbom, Yonkers, N.Y. 8414 7-17-0 210 8624 1,050
24Mike Matosich, San Bruno, Calif. 8304 9-15-0 270 8574 1,000


Pos.Name, City/StateTotalAmount
&25Curt Schmidt, Ft. Wayne, Ind.7219$1,037.50
26Gary Dickinson, Ft. Worth, Texas3707770
 Ron Lisher, Santa Rosa, Calif.3707770
28Jay Robinson, Los Angeles, Calif.3705730
*Tom Wright, Millbrae, Calif.3705755
30Tim Harahan, Woodland Hills, Calif.3703690
 Larry Laub, San Francisco, Calif.3703690
32Bill Allen Orlando, Fla.3700660
33Joe Hutchinson, Scranton, Pa.3698640
34Tommy Evans, Miami, Fla.3697620
35Roy Ryan, Massapequa Park, N.Y.3696600
36Billy Hardwick, Louisville, Ky.3693580
37Joe Berardi, Pearl River, N.Y.3688565
 Sam Fox, San Francisco, Calif.3688565
39Don Johnson, Las Vegas, Nev.3686550
40Richie Varone, Islip, N.Y.3684540
41Walt Pulchlopek, Hillside, N.J.3683530
42Don Bell, Santa Maria. Calif.3682520
43Marty Anderson, Anaheim, Calif.3680510
44Cliff Saliba, Syracuse. N.Y.3678500
45Lamar Keck, Canoga Park, Calif.3676490
46Gil Sliker, Washington, N.J.3673480
47Wendell Davis, Johnson City, Tenn.3668470
48Louie Moore, Columbus, Ohio3661455
 Mike Orlovsky, Johnson City, N.Y.3661455
50Bob Materasso, Bronx, N.Y.3652440
51Dave Davis, Atlanta, Ga.3651430
52Vince Mazzanti Jr., Levittown, Pa.3648420
53Gary Cunningham, Baldwinsville, N.Y.3647410
54Les Zikes, Palatine. Ill.3643400
55Neil Brown, Hazelton, Pa.3638390
56Butch Soper, Huntington Beach. Calif.3636380
57Tony Moscato, Havre De Grace, Md.3634370
58Rick Minier, Akron, Ohio3632360
59Dick Nardozza, Bellefonte, Pa.3630350
60Gus Lampo, Endicott, N.Y.3625340
61Paul Moser, Medford, Mass.3621330
62Vince Pantuso, Troy Hills, N.J.3620320
63Al Sanford, Jackson, Ohio3619310
64Jim Frazier, Spokane, Wash3611300
65Bill Spigner, Hamden, Conn.3610300
66Bobby Jacks, New Orleans, La.3609300

*Alternate. #Pierce received $100 for 300 game. &Mueller replaced Curt Schmidt after 16 games of match play when Schmidt missed starting time. Mueller took a 436-pin penalty and finished 19th. He and Schmidt split 19th and 25th place money for $1,037.50 each. Mueller also retained $50 of his original alternate money. Tom Wright received $25 additional for serving as alternate. 18-game qualifying leader-Salvino 4006. 24th low -Matosich and Pappas 3727. PRO-AM CASHERS- $100-Don Bell. $50 each-Gary Mage, Fred Conner, Bill Allen, Jay Robinson, Vince Mazzanti, Larry Landis, Jim McHugh, Gary Cunningham, Wayne Zahn, Jim Stefanich, Dick Weber, Dan Roche, Sam Flanagan, Bobby Knipple, Palmer Fallgren, Craig Mueller, Cliff McNealy, Jim Chestney, Chub D'Ambolo, Teata Semiz.