Miller High Life Open

Red Carpet Lanes Milwaukee, Wis., Mar 14-18, 1972

It's Burton In Miller Chiller

For a third straight week, Nelson Burton Jr. was a factor in the TV finale to a PBA tournament. This time the settling was Milwaukee and the event was the long-running Miller Open at Red Carpet Lanes. Burton, who had won in Miami two weeks before and then lost in the last frame seven days before in Toledo, made it back to the top at the expense of Gary Dickinson, 201-191.

Burton rolled a 300 game in the position round game, which solidified his hold on first place, but he wasn't the only perfect bowler that week. Carmen Salvino, who wound up 10th, also tossed a 12-striker in the event.

TV finalists Dick Ritger, shot down 5-2 pins in his first two games, only to follow with a 183-177 loss to Dickinson, who was trying for his first PBA conquest.


Pos.Name, City/StateTotalAmount
1Nelson Burton Jr., St. Louis, Mo.201 (1 game)$12,000
2Gary Dickinson, Ft. Worth, Texas374 (2 games)7,000
3Dick Ritger, Hartford, Wis.679 (3 games)4,000
4Paul Colwell, Tucson, Ariz.187 (1 game)2,500
5Johnny Guenther, Seattle, Wash.203 (1 game)2,000

PLAYOFF RESULTS-Ritger defeated Guenther, 257-203; Ritger defeated Colwell, 245-187; Dickinson defeated Ritger, 183-177; and in the championship game Burton defeated Dickinson, 201-191.


 Name, City/StatePins  WLT+TotAmt
1Nelson Burton, Jr., St. Louis, Mo. 9512 18-6-0 540 10052 
2Gary Dickinson, Ft. Worth, Texas 9341 17-6-1 525 9866 
3Paul Colwell, Tucson, Ariz. 9189 15-8-1 465 9754 
4Johnny Guenther Seattle, Wash. 9297 14-9-1 435 9732 
5Dick Ritger, Hartford, Wis. 9213 14-10-0 420 9633 
*6Barry Asher, Costa Mesa, Calif. 9189 13-10-1 405 9594 $1,850
7Dick Weber, St. Louis, Mo. 9197 13-11-0 390 9587 1,600
8Mike McGrath, EI Cerrito, Calif. 9103 16-8-0 480 9583 1,500
9Johnny Petraglia Brooklyn N.Y. 9142 11-12-1 345 9487 1,450
#10Carmen Salvino, Chicago, Ill. 9055 12-12-0 360 9415 1,400
11Norm Meyers, St. Louis, Mo. 9075 11-13-0 330 9405 1,350
12Phil Sillia, Cleveland, Ohio 8996 13-10-1 405 9401 1,300
13Curt Schmidt, Ft. Wayne, Ind. 8980 13-11-0 390 9370 1,250
14Bobby Meadows, Houston, Texas 8934 13-11-0 390 9324 1,200
15Earl Anthony, Tacoma, Wash. 8916 13-11-0 390 9306 1,150
16Bobby Cooper, Houston, Texas 8916 10-14-0 300 9216 1,100
17Bob Hood, Daly City, Calif. 8870 11-13-0 330 9200 1,050
18Bill Tucker, Detroit, Mich. 8939 8-15-1 255 9194 1,000
19Tommy Tuttle, King, N.C. 8810 10-14-0 300 9110 950
20Jim St. John, Cameron Park, Calif. 8733 10-14-0 300 9033 900
21Tim Harahan, Canoga Park, Calif. 8792 7-17-0 210 9002 850
**22Don Cook, Milwaukee, Wis. 8745 8-15-1 255 9000 800
23Ray Bluth, St. Louis, Mo. 8784 7-17-0 210 8994 750
24Skee Foremsky, Houston, Texas 8704 7-17-0 210 8914 700


Pos.Name, City/StateTotalAmount
*25Dave Soutar, Tarzana, Calif.3841$685
26Gus Lampo, Endicott, N.Y.3839580
27Bill Beach, Sharon. Pa.3833537.50
 Don Helling, St. Louis. Mo.3833537.50
29Ron Lisher, Santa Rosa, Calif.3832500
30Larry Laub, San Francisco, Calif.3829490
31Palmer Fallgren, Sacramento, Calif.3816480
32Don McCune, Munster, Ind.3815470
33Roy Buckley, Columbus, Ohio3812460
34Dave Davis, Miami, Fla.3810450
35Tye Critchlow, Los Angeles, Calif.3808440
36Jay Robinson, Santa Susana, Calif.3803430
37Dennis Torgerson, Des Moines, Iowa3801420
38Doak McDonnell, Burkburnett, Texas3795410
39Bob McGregor, Wichita Falls, Texas3791395
 Leo Mann, Hopkins, Minn.3791395
41Billy Hardwick, Louisville, Ky.3784380
42Jim Stefanich, Joliet, Ill.3782370
43Mike Lemongello, N. Babylon, N.Y.3775360
44Ted Malicki, Cleveland, Ohio3774345
 Bobby Williams, Detroit, Mich.3774345
46Don Russell, Miami, Fla.3766330
**47Dennis Juechter, Milwaukee, Wis.3756325
48Rich Carrubba, Hayward, Cal.3752320
49Sam Flanagan, Parkersburg, W. Va.3751315
50Mike Durbin, Chagrin Falls, Ohio3745310
51Terry Booth, Mountain View, Calif.3742302.50
 Les Zikes, Palatine, Ill3742302.50
53Barry Warshafsky, Watertown, Mass.3741295
54Bob Singleton, Houston, Texas3737290
55Don Carter, Tarzana, Calif.3732285
56Don Johnson, Akron, Ohio3729280
57AI Kitchen, Pana, Ill.3727275
58Adam Toney, Oak Hill, W. Va.3725270
59Steve Buell, Salt Lake City, Utah3724265
60Jim Godman, Lorain, Ohio3722260
61Allie Clarke, Akron, Ohio3716252.50
 Sam Guarino, Detroit, Mich.3716251.50
63Dick Ciprich, Buffalo, N.Y.3715245
64Therm Davis, Chicago, Ill.3713240

*Alternates. **Local entries. #300 games. 18-Game Qualifying Leader-Salvino 4103. 24th Low-Hood 3845. PRO-AM CASHERS-$100-Mike McGrath. $50-Bob Singleton, Norm Meyers, Les Schissler, Dave Davis, Skee Foremsky, Dave Soutar, Bud Horn, Nelson Burton Jr., Ted Malicki, Dick Weber, Barry Asher, Carmen Salvino, George Pappas.