New Orleans Lions Open

Pelican Lanes, New Orleans La., Mar 25-29, 1969

Weber Finally Gets No. 18

It was a long wait between win No. 17 and No. 18 for DICK WEBER, actually 3 years, 1 month and 10 days, but he finally did it with a 247-221 victory over Bill Allen in the finals of the New Orleans Lions Open. Weber did it the hard way. Seeded No. 4 in the finals, he eliminated Butch Gearhart, ousted Skee Foremsky and then posted a 239-225 win over Jim Stefanich to set up his match with Allen.

The $6,000 paycheck picked up by Weber made him the first professional bowler to top the $300,000 mark in official career earnings.


Pos.Name, City/StateTotalAmount
1Dick Weber, St. Louis, Mo.914 (4 games)$6,000
2Bill Allen, Fresno, Calif.221 (1 game)3,500
3Jim Stefanich, Joliet, Ill.225 (1 game)2,000
4Skee Foremsky, El Paso, Tex.180 (1 game)1,800
5Butch Gearhart, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.203 (1 game)1,600

PLAYOFF RESULTS-Weber defeated Gearhart, 224-203; Weber defeated Foremsky, 204-180; Weber defeated Stefanich, 239-225, and in the championship game Weber defeated Allen, 247-221.


 Name, City/StatePins  WLT+TotAmt
1Bill Allen, Fresno, Calif. 8457 7-9-0 350 8807 
**2Jim Stefanich, Joliet, Ill. 8302 10-6-0 500 8802 
3Skee Foremsky, El Paso, Tex. 8302 10-6-0 500 8802 
4Dick Weber, St. Louis, Mo. 8256 10-6-0 500 8756 
5Butch Gearhart, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 8299 9-7-0 450 8749 
*6Don Glover, Bakersfield, Calif. 8244 10-6-0 500 8744 $1,450
7Johnny Petraglia, Brooklyn, N. Y. 8244 10-6-0 500 8744 1,350
8Paul Zevgolis, Hopewell, Va. 8258 7-8-1 375 8633 1,200
9Dave Soutar, Gilroy, Calif. 8123 10-6-0 500 8623 1,100
10Dale Seavoy, Birmingham, Mich. 8153 9-7-0 450 8603 1,050
11Mike Limongello, Babylon, N. Y. 8120 8-8-0 400 8520 1,000
12Ray Bluth, St. Louis, Mo. 8241 4-11-1 225 8466 950
13Billy Hardwick, Louisville, Ky. 8098 6-10-0 300 8398 900
14Allie Clarke, Akron, O. 8023 6-10-0 300 8323 850
15Sam Baca, Hayward, Calif. 7950 6-10-0 300 8250 800
16Lamar Keck, Reseda, Calif. 7981 5-11-0 250 8231 750


Pos.Name, City/StateTotalAmount
17Gary Brown, Santa Barbara, Calif.4860$550
18Dave Davis, Phoenix, Ariz.4854490
19Steve Wallace, Houston, Tex.4851480
20Wayne Zahn, Tempe, Ariz.4845470
21Ralph Croy, Lansing, Ill.4837460
22Tim Harahan, Canoga Park, Calif.4827450
23Jim Godman, Hayward, Calif.4824440
24Eddy Patterson, Dallas, Tex.4821430
25Carmen Salvino, Chicago, Ill.4817420
26Earl Johnson, Minneapolis, Minn.4809410
27Bob Chase, Kansas City, Kans.4803400
28Jim Certain, Huntsville, Ala.4800390
29Jim Chestney, Denver, Colo.4799380
30Mike McGrath, El Cerrito, Calif.4795370
31Bobby Knipple, Long Beach, Calif.4779360
32Norm Meyers, Los Angeles, Calif.4772350
33Ralph Engan, Monsey, N. Y., Ernie Schlegel, Newburgh, N. Y.4771335
35Larry Laub, San Francisco, Calif.4770320
36Fred Lening, Yardley, Pa., Les Schissler, Denver, Colo., Larry Festa, Astoria, N. Y.4769300
39Tommy Tuttle, King, N. C.4767280
***40Buddy Hoch, Raleigh, N. C.4759275
41Dick Ritger, Hartford, Wisc.4756270
42Mike Durbin, Burbank, Calif.4751265
43Bob McGregor, Lubbock, Tex.4749260
44Curt Schmidt, Ft. Wayne, Ind.4745255
45Dick Weber Jr., St. Louis, Mo.4741250

Pro-Am Cashers ($50)-John Floyd, Dave Davis, Dick Weber, Paul Zevgolis, Tim Harahan, Dick Battista, Ralph Engan, Bob McMillin. 24-Game Qualifying Leader-Allen, 5168. 16th Low-Soutar, Keck, 4886. *Alternates. **Won one-game rolloff with Foremsky for second spot, 204-202. ***Local Entry.