Cougar Open

Paramus Bowl, Paramus, N. J., Feb 18-22, 1969

Engan Coasts For Cougar

RALPH ENGAN survived a big battle against Dick Weber and then coasted to victory over Mike McGrath, 181-149, to win the Cougar Open championship at Paramus, N. J. Engan needed a closing five-bagger to oust Weber, 267-237.

McGrath, who had set an all-time PBA record the day before by winning all 16 of his match play games, left three splits and, a miss in the finale. Engan won $10,000 and a '69 Cougar for his effort, and Don McCune rolled a 300 game.


Pos.Name, City/StateTotalAmount
1Ralph Engan, Monsey, N. Y.449 (2 games)$10,000
2Mike McGrath, El Cerrito, Calif.,149 (1 game)6,000
3Dick Weber, St. Louis, Mo.708 (3 games)4,000
4Jim Stefanich, Joliet, Ill.180 (1 game)3,000
5Bob Collatos, Santa Monica, Calif.173 (1 game)2,500

PLAYOFF RESULTS-Weber defeated Collatos, 205-173; Weber defeated Stefanich, 266-180; Engan defeated Weber, 268-237; and in the championship game, Engan defeated McGrath, 181-149.


 Name, City/StatePins  WLT+TotAmt
1Mike McGrath, El Cerrito, Calif. 8416 16-0-0 800 9216 
2Ralph Engan, Monsey, N. Y. 8394 11-5-0 550 8944 
3Jim Stefanich, Joliet, Ill. 8267 9-5-2 500 8767 
4Dick Weber, St. Louis, Mo. 8329 7-9-0 350 8679 
5Bob Collatos, Santa Monica, Calif. 8213 9-7-0 450 8663 
*6John Guenther, Fresno, Calif. 8177 9-6-1 475 8652 $2,050
7Billy Welu, St. Louis, Mo. 8129 10-6-0 500 8629 1,800
8Harry Johnson, Los Angeles, Calif. 8189 7-9-0 350 8539 1,600
9Teata Semiz, River Edge, N. J. 8054 9-7-0 450 8504 1,500
**10Don McCune, Munster, Ind. 8100 8-8-0 400 8500 1,400
11Dave Davis, Phoenix, Ariz. 8083 5-10-1 275 8358 1,300
12Dick Ritger, Hartford, Wis. 7963 7-9-0 350 8333 1,200
13Larry Nordstrom, Anaheim, Calif. 8027 6-10-0 300 8327 1,150
14Lamar Keck, Reseda, Calif. 8054 5-11-0 250 8304 1,100
15Jim Pennington, Rossville, Ga. 7871 5-11-0 250 8121 1,050
16Tom Harnisch, Buffalo, N. Y. 7827 4-12-0 200 8027 1,000


Pos.Name, City/StateTotalAmount
*17Ed Bourdase, Fresno, Calif.4884$700
18Jimmy Mack, Dover, N. J.4881640
19Sam Baca, Hayward, Calif.4878630
20Steve Bassin, Las Vegas, Nev.4876620
21Fred Lening Yardley, Pa.4869610
22Carmen Salvino, Chicago, Ill.4861595
 Tommy Tuttle, King, N. C.4861595
24Paul Tartaglia, Pt. Chester, N. Y.4859580
25Dennis Swayda, Scottsdale, Ariz.4857570
26Don Antony, Portsmouth, Va.4844560
27Bill Johnson, New Orleans, La.4840550
28Rusty Collier, Syracuse, N. Y.4835540
29Gary Rebillot, Canton, Ohio4834530
30Emie Schlegel, New York, N. Y.4826520
31Barry Asher, Costa Mesa Calif.4824510
32Jim Godman, Hayward, Calif.4817500
33Skee Foremsky, El Paso, Tex.4805490
34Gary Brown, Santa Barbara, Calif.4797480
35Mike Limongello, N. Babylon, N. Y.4788470
36Don Johnson, Kokomo, Ind.4784460
37Ed Lubanski, Detroit, Mich.4773445
 Tim Harahan, Canoga Park, Calif.4773445
39Keith Wiltse, Vicksburg, Mich.4770430
40Gene Rhoda, Valparaiso, Ind.4761420
41Bobby Cooper, Houston, Tex.4757405
 Jimmy Certain, Huntsville, Ala.4757405
43Steve Wallace, Houston, Tex.4754390
44John Petraglia, Brooklyn, N. Y.448380
45Mike Durbin, BurbankCalif4743370
46Dave Soutar, Gilroy, Calif.4742360
47Bob Knipple, Long Beach, Calif.4737350
48Larry Laub, San Francisco, Calif.4736340
49Ralph Hartmann, New Hyde, N. Y4733330
50Al Fuscarino, Garfield, N. J.4732320
51Bob Strampe, Detroit, Mich.4131312.50
 Dick Battista, New York, N. Y.4731312.50
53Glenn Allison, Los Angeles, Calif.4730302.50
 Tony Marion, New York, N. Y.4730302.50
55Allie Clarke, Akron, Ohio4728195
56Bob McGregor, Lubbock, Tex.4726290

Pro-Am Cashers ($50)-Tommy Tuttle, John Petraglia, Bob Strampe, Nelson Burton Jr., Barry Asher, Therm Davis, Morrie Oppenheim, Bob McGregor. 24-Game Qualifying Leader-Weber, 5070. 16th Low-Keck, 4889. *Alternates. **McCune received $100 for three hundred game. ***Won new car.