Baltimore Open

Fair Lanes Woodlawn, Baltimore, Md., Mar 9-13, 1993

George Branham III Wins His Third Title

George Branham III won for the first lime in six years and requalified for the Tournament of Champions by capturing the championship match in the $135,000 Baltimore Open at Fair Lanes Woodlawn.

Top-seeded Branham, defeated Brian Voss, 216-178, in the title match to capture his third career fide and the $24,000 first-place check. It was Branham's first win since he was victorious at the AC-Delco Classic in Union City, Calif. in January of 1987.

Branham, a 30-year old from Indianapolis, ran out of gas in the "King of the Hill" match, falling to Wager Ray Williams Jr., 230-147. Williams Jr. earned $5,000 for his second straight "King of the Hill" win.

The title match was all even through two frames, but Voss left the 3-6-9-10 in the third and couldn't convert the spare. Branham took advantage and led through the middle frames of the match, then struck out in the 10th. Voss also needed to strike out to force a be, but a 4-6-7-10 split on his first shot in the 10th ended his title hopes. The 12-time champion from Boca Raton, Fla. earned $12,500 for second.

"I wasn't really looking forward to a roll-off, I lost the American Bowling Congress Masters that way," said Branham, who finished second to Doug Kent in the 1991 Masters. "I'm just glad to finally win and be going back to the Tournament."

Voss said, "I had trouble finding the left lane in the final match, I tried to adjust but I never did get comfortable on that lane. I'm happy for George, he led the tournament and I know this win means a lot to him."

Williams Jr., of Stockton, Calif., didn't even bowl in the Baltimore Open, but made the most of his King of the Hill opportunity. Branham opened in the first two frames and Williams Jr. finished strong by striking on four of his last five shots to secure the win.


Pos.Name, City/StateTotalAmount
1George Branham III, Indianapolis216 (1 game)$24,000
2Bran Voss, Boca Raton, FL679 (3 games)12,500
3Dennis Jacques, Monmouth Junction, NJ217 (1 game)8,000
4Bob Spaulding, Harrisburg, PA214 (1 game)6,000

PLAYOFF RESULTS -Voss defeated Spaulding, 235-214; Voss defeated Jacques, 266-217; and in the championship game, Branham III defeated Voss 216-178. KING OF THE HILL-Walter Ray Williams Jr., Stockton, CA, defeated Branham III 230-147, for $5,000.


 Name, CityPinsAvg  WLT+TotAmt
#1George Branham III, Indianapolis 9739 231.9 14-10-0 420 10159 
2Dennis Jacques, Monmouth Jct., NJ 9480 225.7 17-7-0 510 9990 
3Brian Voss, Boca Raton, FL 9352 222.7 15-9-0 450 9802 
4Bob Spaulding, Harrisburg, PA 9339 222.4 15-9-0 450 9789 
5Amleto Monacelli, Venezuela 9325 222.0 13-11-0 390 9715 $5,000
6Danny Wiseman, Lake Havasu City, AZ 9241 220.0 14-10-0 420 9661 4,000
7Steve Jaros, Bolingbrook, IL 9241 220.0 13-11-0 390 9631 3,600
8Robert Lawrence, Austin, TX 9268 220.7 11-12-1 345 9613 3,300
9Bob Learn Jr., Ede, PA 9239 220.0 12-12-0 360 9599 3,000
10Gary Schluchter, Fremont, OH 9141 217.6 15-9-0 450 9591 2,800
#11Scott Alexander, Seattle, WA 9225 219.6 12-12-0 360 9585 2,600
12Dave D'Entremont, Middleburg Hts., OH 9214 219.4 11-12-1 345 9559 2,400
13Randy Pedersen, Hollywood, FL 9194 218.9 12-12-0 360 9554 2,300
14Dennis Rakauskas, Altamonte Springs, FL 9195 218.9 11-13-0 330 9525 2,200
15Tommy Delutz Jr., Jamaica, NY 9144 217.7 10-13-1 315 9459 2,100
16David Traber, Woodstock, IL 9057 215.6 12-11-1 375 9432 2,000
17Dave Wodka, Milwaukee, WI 9028 215.0 12-11-1 375 9403 1,900
18Michael Azcarate, Pembroke Pines, FL 9083 215.3 10-14-0 300 9383 1,800
19Doug Kent, Canandaigua, NY 8911 212.2 13-10-1 405 9316 1,700
20Jeff Lizzi, Sandusky, OH 9017 214.7 9-14-1 285 9302 1,600
21Bobby Fleetwood, Naugatuck, CT 8998 214.2 9-14-1 285 9283 1,550
22Mo Hestand, Moore, OK 8899 211.9 9-14-1 285 9184 1,500
23Magic Gray, Washington, DC 8859 210.9 8-13-3 285 9144 1,450
24Nicholas Craig Serino, Bethesda, MD 8702 207.2 5-19-0 150 8852 1,400


Pos.Name, City/StateAmount
*25Billy Yinger, Arlington, TX$1,370
#26Kelly Coltman, Topeka, KS1,195
 Kenneth Hall, Albany, NV1,195
28Jimmy Johnson, Columbus, OH1,150
29Martin Letscher, Bel Air, MD1,120
30Dave Arnold, Gilbert, AZ1,100
31Harry Sulks, Detract1,090
32Tim Criss, Bet Air, MD1,080
33Pete Weber, St. Ann, MO1,070
34Tam Crites, Tampa, FL1,080
35Dave Ferrero, Kingston. NV1,050
36Joe Kominek, Portage, Ohio1,090
37Joe Barn, Dublin, CA1,020
#Glen Share, Owings Mills, MD1,020
 Daryl Todd, Wilmington, DE1,020
40Mike Scroggins, Amarillo. TX1,000
41Ed Richardson, Corm Christi, TX990
42Joel Ellen Berlin, MD975
 John Tragert, Gaithersburg, MD975
44Mart McDowell, Madison, WI980
45Andrew Neuer, Milton, PA950
46Don Mesa, Peons, IL940
47Dick Dodge, Woodbridge, VA920
 Dale Eagle, Evansville, IN920
 Bill Swanson, Palatine, IL920
50Warren Nelson, Fresno, CA900
51Derek Williams, Groves, TX890
52Jeff Morin, Rockaway, NJ875
 Mike Rose. Honeoye Falls, NY875

*-Match play alternate. 18-game qualifying leader- George Branham III, 4229. 24th place- David Traber, 3983. #--George Branham III, Scott Alexander, Kelly Coffman, Glen Ships, Mark Thayer and Mike Whittington rolled 300 games ($100 each)- PRO-AM CASHERS-Philip Ringener, Butch Super, Dave Arnold, Scott Alexander, Pete Weber, Danny Broadway, George Branham III and Russ Mills ($50 each).