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Tournament Champions

Last updated on 4/23/2013 2:51:31 PM
Bold = Major Championship

Event Winner Prize
PBA Senior Sun Bowl In The Villages, presented by Storm Lennie Boresch Jr $7,600.00
PBA Senior Don Carter Memorial Open, presented by Ebonite Walter Ray Williams Jr. $7,500.00
PBA Senior Mooresville Classic, presented by Columbia Bob Learn Jr $8,000.00
PBA Senior Dayton Classic, presented by Roto Grip ss-John Petraglia $8,000.00
Etonic PBA Senior U.S. Open, presented by Suncoast Amleto Monacelli $15,000.00
USBC Senior Masters Mike Edwards $16,000.00
PBA Senior Northern California Classic, presented by Track Walter Ray Williams Jr. $8,100.00
PBA Senior South Shore Open, presented by DV8 Hugh Miller $7,600.00
PBA Senior Decatur Open, presented by Brunswick Ron Mohr $7,500.00