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Bold = Major Championship

Tournament Champions - Last updated on 7/17/2012 12:00:00 AM

Place Event Winner Prize
1. Bayer Viper Open Stuart Williams $15,000.00
2. WSOB Chameleon Open Jason Belmonte $16,100.00
3. WSOB Scorpion Open Dom Barrett $16,000.00
4. Geico Shark Open Jason Belmonte $15,000.00
5. PBA World Championship Osku Palermaa $50,000.00
6. Carmen Salvino Classic Andres Gomez $16,100.00
7. Pepsi PBA Elite Players Championship Jason Belmonte $35,000.00
8. PBA Cheetah Open, Presented by Ebonite Eugene McCune $10,000.00
9. Alka Seltzer Plus Liquid Gels USBC Masters Mike Fagan $50,000.00
10. 69th U.S. Open Pete Weber $60,000.00
11. Kuwait Open Osku Palermaa $25,000.00
12. Brunswick Euro Challenge Mike Fagan $19,998.00
13. PBA Dick Weber Playoffs, Presented by Hammer Norm Duke $20,000.00
14. PBA Tournament of Champions Sean Rash $80,000.00