In The Bag

"In The Bag," updated every Monday, takes a look at the equipment used by PBA Tour stars during the previous Sunday's ESPN televised championship round. For more information on the PBA's Product Registered companies, please visit the Approved Equipment section of

Shark Championship Women's Series

Carolyn Dorin-Ballard Kelly Kulick
AccessoriesTurbo Grips
Brunswick Towel
Vise Grips
Vise Towel
ShoesDexter Dexter
Bowling BallsBrunswick Strike Zone
Brunswick TZone
Hammer Vibe Onyx
Ebonite Magic Touch
Storm Ice Storm
Center ChestBrunswick
Lower Left ChestTurbo
Upper Left ChestJDRFHammer
Upper Right ChestBrunswickVise
Upper BackGeminiGemini
Lower Left SleeveLLPBAVise
Lower Right
Middle Right SleeveDexter
Upper Left SleeveWomen's Series
Upper Right SleeveUSBCWomen's Series