"In The Bag," updated every Monday, takes a look at the equipment used by PBA Tour stars during the previous Sunday's ESPN televised championship round. For more information on the PBA's Product Registered companies, please visit the Approved Equipment section of PBA.com.

PBA Cheetah Championship presented by PBA Bowling Challenge Mobile Game

B.J. Moore IIIAnthony SimonsenDarren TangMike Wolfe
AccessoriesVise Inserts
Vise Tape
Wristband #teamfishVise InsertsUltimate Grips
Genesis Tape
Shoes3G Shoes Dexter Dexter Hammer Bowling Shoes Force
Bowling BallsStorm Alpha Crux
Storm IQ Tour Edition
Storm Pitch Black
Storm Ice Storm
Storm Pitch BlackHammer Rebel Solid
Hammer Scandal
Center ChestRoto StarRoto StarStormHammer
Upper Left ChestRoto GripRoto GripStorm BoltUltimate Inserts
Upper Right ChestWolfe's Bowling Supply
Lower Right SleevePBAPBAPBAPBA
Middle Left SleeveViseUltimate InsertsTRUltimate Inserts
Upper Left SleeveCaroline's CornerVise
Left CollarTIAMO
Rear CollarBelieve Love#TeamTangWBSbowling.com
Right Collar#twohands
YokeHigh 5High 5High 5High 5