Triple Crown Winners

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Season PBA Championship U.S. Open TOC
2012-13 Parker Bohn III Wes Malott Pete Weber
2011-12 Osku Palermaa Pete Weber Sean Rash
2010-11 Chris Barnes Norm Duke Mika Koivuniemi
2009-10 Tom Smallwood Bill O'Neill Kelly Kulick
2008-09 Norm Duke Mike Scroggins Patrick Allen
2007-08 Norm Duke Norm Duke Michael Haugen Jr.
2006-07 Doug Kent Pete Weber Tommy Jones
2005-06 Walter Ray Williams, Jr. Tommy Jones Chris Barnes
2004-05 Patrick Allen Chris Barnes Steve Jaros
2003-04 Tom Baker Pete Weber Patrick Healey Jr.
2002-03 Walter Ray Williams, Jr. Walter Ray Williams, Jr. Jason Couch
2001-02 Walter Ray Williams Jr. (‘01) Doug Kent (’02) Mika Koivuniemi Not Contested
2000 Norm Duke Robert Smith Jason Couch
1999 Tim Criss Bob Learn Jr. Jason Couch
1998 Pete Weber Walter Ray Williams, Jr. Bryan Goebel
1997 Rick Steelsmith Not Contested John Gant
1996 Butch Soper Dave Husted Dave D’Entremont
1995 Scott Alexander Dave Husted Mike Aulby
1994 David Traber Justin Hromek Norm Duke
1993 Ron Palombi Del Ballard Jr. George Branham III
1992 Eric Forkel Robert Lawrence Marc McDowell
1991 Mike Miller Pete Weber David Ozio
1990 Jim Pencak Ron Palombi Dave Ferraro
1989 Pete Weber Mike Aulby Del Ballard Jr.
1988 Brian Voss Pete Weber Mark Williams
1987 Randy Pedersen Del Ballard Jr. Pete Weber
1986 Tom Crites Steve Cook Marshall Holman
1985 Mike Aulby Marshall Holman Mark Williams
1984 Bob Chamberlain Mark Roth Mike Durbin
1983 Earl Anthony Gary Dickinson Joe Berardi
1982 Earl Anthony Dave Husted Mike Durbin
1981 Earl Anthony Marshall Holman Steve Cook
1980 Johnny Petraglia Steve Martin Wayne Webb
1979 Mike Aulby Joe Berardi George Pappas
1978 Warren Nelson Nelson Burton Jr. Earl Anthony
1977 Tommy Hudson Johnny Petraglia Mike Berlin
1976 Paul Colwell Paul Moser Marshall Holman
1975 Earl Anthony Steve Neff Dave Davis
1974 Earl Anthony Larry Laub Earl Anthony
1973 Earl Anthony Mike McGrath Jim Godman
1972 John Guenther Don Johnson Mike Durbin
1971 Mike Limongello Mike Limongello Johnny Petraglia
1970 Mike McGrath Bobby Cooper Don Johnson
1969 Mike McGrath Billy Hardwick Jim Godman
1968 Wayne Zahn Jim Stefanich Dave Davis
1967 Dave Davis Les Schissler Jim Stefanich
1966 Wayne Zahn Jim Stefanich Dave Davis
1965 Dave Davis Dick Weber Billy Hardwick
1964 Bob Strampe Bob Strampe Not Contested
1963 Billy Hardwick Dick Weber Not Contested
1962 Carmen Salvino Dick Weber Joe Joseph
1961 Dave Soutar Bill Tucker
1960 Don Carter Harry Smith
1959 Billy Welu

Bold = players who have completed the Triple Crown. Only events from 1959-current are listed. Prior to 1971, U.S. Open was the BPAA All Star. In 2002, PBA National Championship became the PBA World Championship.

Last Updated 7/27/2013